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The Best Improvements for Adding Value to Your Home

PMI Holmes Beach Property Management - Friday, February 16, 2018
Property Management Blog

Is your home looking a little worn around the edges? Full and busy lives mean we often don’t notice when our houses are getting a little shabby. Then one day, you notice that the kitchen doesn’t look so fresh or your bathroom tiles are cracked. Clearly, the time has come for some home improvements to be made.

There are different approaches to home improvement projects. If the job is substantial, you may want to get a professional on the case. But, handy homeowners who are unafraid of DIY may want to do the work themselves. And when completing home improvement projects, common sense will tell you to factor in the projects that add the most value to your property.

Important improvements

High-value improvements are upgrades to bathrooms and kitchens and any work that makes the home more sound. You may not see your leaky roof, but an inspection will uncover potential weaknesses in the structure of the building.

No matter how solid your home is, it’s likely it will need cosmetic help. One of the best projects for DIY enthusiasts is freshening up interior paint. Just about every room in your home will benefit, and fresh color is one way to modernize without breaking the bank.

Small fixes

Kitchens and bathrooms take a lot of wear and tear, and there are simple, economical hacks that homeowners can do themselves to freshen up these spaces. Here are some quick and easy fixes:

  • A new toilet seat does wonders for older toilets
  • A pedestal sink lends a modern touch, and savvy homeowners can install their own
  • A stained tub or shower should be cleaned thoroughly or re-grouted
  • Any broken tiles will need to be replaced—another potential job for a DIY handyman

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a high-traffic area that can always use an update. Like bathrooms, kitchens lend themselves to a host of minor upgrades that make a significant difference to the overall look. Consider these improvements before springing for a costly remodel.

  • Switching out the kitchen faucet
  • New cabinet handles
  • Upgrading the lighting with brighter, energy-saving LEDs
  • New paint for cabinet doors and drawers

None of this is worth a dime if you have a leaky roof. Blocked gutters can contribute to problems, so make sure yours are clean and free from debris. Tracking down the source of a leak can be tricky, but start by checking the roof uphill from the leak and look for surface damage. There are other methods to find a leak, and the basic roof repairs are fairly easy. Before deciding if you need your roof repaired, check out this article from Redfin.

Planning Ahead

The secret to any successful DIY home improvement project is planning ahead. Nowhere is the old adage, “Fail to plan, and you plan to fail” more apt than with DIY projects. Work out the steps you’ll need to take and the tools you’ll need to have and do some simple prep to check your process before starting a job you haven’t done before.

By taking this approach, you won’t get wonky tiles or discover the drill bit needed for a job is missing halfway through the project

The satisfaction when you successfully finish a home improvement project yourself is hard to beat. There’s a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence along with the knowledge that your home is more valuable thanks to your efforts.