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How to Improve Your Curb Appeal to Boost the Value of Your Home

PMI Holmes Beach Property Management - Friday, July 13, 2018
Property Management Blog

Your home's curb appeal is the first thing people notice when visiting your house. This first impression is powerful because it can get you higher offers from homebuyers if you’re trying to sell your house. Curb appeal makes your home appear cared for and well-maintained. But, updating your house's exterior can sound daunting, especially if you're still just figuring out how to take care of your lawn and garden. Whether you're trying to keep up with your neighbors or impress homebuyers, here are some simple ways you can improve your curb appeal.

Get Rid of Outdoor Clutter

Before you do anything, clean up any junk that is causing an eyesore in your yard. This includes old cars, weathered patio furniture, dilapidated play sets and dead plants. Anything that's broken or no longer in use should go. Once you're finished decluttering, take a look at your yard and make sure you only see things that are pleasing on the eye, such as healthy plants, a clean outdoor patio set and minimalist decorations. As you grab your tools to get started with landscaping, make sure you protect your hands from cuts and scratches by picking up a comfortable pair of garden gloves.

Care for Your Lawn

A healthy lawn shows visitors that you pay attention to the details in your home. If you have kids or pets that run around on your lawn, your grass may suffer from soil compaction. This keeps vital nutrients, water and air essential from getting to the roots of your grass. To fix this, try aerating your lawn by punching 3-inch deep holes all over the surface. Next, make sure you water your lawn deeply but infrequently. This will help the roots of your grass grow deep into the soil to keep it green and dense during heat waves. Finally, try using natural lawn fertilizers to improve the health of your lawn and help it quickly grow lush.

Spruce Up Your Gardens

Landscaping with shrubs, grasses, and flowers will add interest and appeal to any yard. According to Mother Earth Living, sprucing up your flower beds is as simple as pulling weeds and deadheading flowers. Deadheading means removing the heads of flowers that have died. This will help the plants put their energy into producing new and beautiful blooms.

Low-maintenance rose gardens are a great way to attract buyers since they require little upkeep and look beautiful all throughout the growing season. Mulching with wood chips provides a beautiful contrast against green grass and is a great way to accent trees, shrubs and garden beds. Try positioning some perennials in containers throughout your garden or beside your front door.

Apply Pressure Wash

The next step to increase your curb appeal is to clean the exterior of your house. The Balance recommends killing mold and mildew on the outside of your house first and then pressure washing your dirty siding and deck. You can also pressure wash your walkways and driveway to enhance the overall cleanliness of your exterior. Make sure you clean your windows and even empty out your gutters. Also, edging your sidewalks and garden beds is a small but impactful detail that can really polish up an exterior.

Update Your Entryway

Finally, make some simple updates to your home's entrance. For example, you may want to paint your front door a bold accent color and touch up the trimmings on the exterior of your house. Try upgrading your mailbox and even getting new, eye-catching house numbers. These simple changes really make your house stand out. If you have lighting fixtures on your porch, take these down and give them a fresh coat of spray paint, or buy completely new ones.

Speaking of lighting, illuminating your driveway will provide a charming and welcoming experience for anyone arriving at your house. Well-placed outdoor lighting can really enhance the atmosphere of your home.

Whether you’re trying to attract buyers, or you just want your home to reflect your family pride, improving your curb appeal can help. When your home's appearance looks great, buyers are going to react to the other features of your house with more positivity and excitement. You may inspire your neighbors to do some work on their own curb appeal, boosting the property value of your whole neighborhood.