PMI Holmes Beach Property Management  

I’d like to take a moment of your time to thank you for inquiring about our company,  PMI Holmes Beach Property Management.  PMI Holmes Beach Property Management has been in the Community Association Management business since 1984. We are a full-service  property management company that manages residential, commercial, vacation, HOA & associations. We serve the West Coast of Florida from Bay Isles in Longboat Key to Clearwater.


Management Approach

 Our management approach is straight forward. High Quality Management - we strive for well-informed Board of Directors, sound financials and associated systems, well maintained property, motivated staff and satisfied homeowners.  PMI Holmes Beach Property Management has five areas of emphasis:


·         Board Development: Involvement/Assistance/Vision

·         Financial Soundness

·         Property Enhancement

·         Staff Development

·         World Class Customer Service


Board Development     


          Our managers and management team are well trained in all aspects of property management, and can assist the Board members in making informed decisions. We believe at Holmes Beach Property Management, that a well-informed Board of Directors will usually make the best decisions for all owners at the Association. Having all the right information and additional voice of experience from the property manager makes the decision making process much clearer. No surprises! We don’t like them and Boards don’t either!


Financial Soundness


          The financial books have to be perfect! Our bookkeeping department prides itself on the quality of our financial reports. We use TOPS industry specific financial software.  This makes our integration of new client Association financial and homeowner information seamless. In addition, we can make recommendations to the Board of Directors on Reserve structure and investing. We’ve had bank vice-presidents out to Board meetings to educate Boards as to Reserve structure and investing, usually in tiered CDs & Treasuries. FDIC limits and requirements are always taken into consideration. Added value with Holmes Beach Property Management is our financial flexibility, i.e. submit Association financials by the 10th of each month, preparing checks quickly as needed, etc.    


Property Enhancement


          Our philosophy as a company is that the Association property will be in the same condition, and hopefully, better, in the future with the support of the Board of Directors. Our managers treat homeowners and their properties as if they were their own; making the property better aesthetically, more resilient to our South Florida weather and repaired or replaced as required to keep the property in like-new condition.


          If you don’t believe you’re headed in the right direction as a Community Association, we would like to take the opportunity to meet and talk with you about how we may be able to assist your Board, Community and owners move in a positive high quality direction.





Jeff Richardson, MBA

Licensed Community Association Manager

Owner of PMI Holmes Beach Property Management

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